A brief background

Lakeside Holistic Therapy makes use of all therapeutic approaches to achieve optimal health in the mind, body, and spirit.  It's not an experience, it's a lifestyle!

 Our business aides in pain management, massage therapy, fitness and nutrition.  We offer complimentary medicine.   Complimentary medicine does not rely on prescription drugs, surgery, and other conventional methods.  However, we don't discount the benefits of these procedures.  We focus on preventing the disease and helping someone feel their best if they are treating their disease.  Complimentary and alternative therapies are based on the body's "innate ability to heal itself".

Massage Therapy/ Corporate Massage

$60 per hour

$20 Fee for Mobile Service, up to 20 miles

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Ionic Detox Footbath, Personal Training, Ionic Therapy, or

Infrared Sauna Detoxification

$30 per Session

Mobile Ionic Footbath or Ionic Therapy


(30 minutes)

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Holistic Consultation

$19 per Session

Health consultation in detail, past and present conditions, medical history, environmental factors, stress, emotions, and diet are taken into account.

Holistic Treatment plan of herbs, supplements, therapy, diet, exercise, and spiritual outlets (meditation, yoga)  may be suggested.

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